At MUJI, we are always thinking of ways to be more sustainable. We are working together with our recycling partners based in the UK to give our products another life, as collected items are processed to produce new recycled plastic products.

How to Recycle at MUJI

  1. Return your empty MUJI Skincare containers, unwanted or damaged MUJI PP Drawers and PET bottles to any of our stores.

  2. Items to be handed in to a member of staff. Please ensure items are clean.

  3. Receive your 10% Off Discount Voucher to be used in-store. Only voucher per person. You can now return your unwanted or damaged MUJI PP Drawers, PET Bottles and empty Skincare containers to any of our stores and as a thank you, you will receive a 10% Off Discount Voucher* for your next purchase.